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Big Updates For CryptoGrow DAC!!!

In alot of ways, this post is written to give credit where credit is due to the people and projects who have helped get CryptoGrow and IdeaCoin off the ground. CryptoGrow started as a home bitcoin mining project in my shed around a year ago today and it has gone through alot of refinement over the last year. To be honest, I didnt even realize that I was building a DAC until the third draft of the whitepaper.

With that being said:

I would like to thank my girlfriend, Jessica Zittel for standing by me while I try to make this dream a reality. None of this would be possible without your support!

I am Proud to announce that the IdeaCoin Contract is officially live on the Ethereum MainNet with the following address 0x6d808d3e9175b316c0ecf2c3a35b55a8ddb10ad1

The IdeaCoin contract has been verified on and can be found


The IdeaCoin Contract has successfully passed its week long Bug Bounty program after first being security tested by CryptoGrow DAC's newest Core Dev Team member Arun Garimella!

Arun Received 250,000 of the 1,000,000 IDC (IdeaCoin) Premine and plans to start the second physical CryptoGrow Facility! I look Forward to working with him in the future!

The IdeaCoin Contract was made using code from the Open Zepplin Library and currently employs both the ERC20 and ERC827 token standards. The Open Zepplin library is an excellent open source project for building ethereum contracts. Open Zepplin can be found on GitHub @

Airdrops of IdeaCoin will happen until the official launch of the CryptoGrow DAICO contract this summer. These airdrops will be from the Pre-Mine to project members and CG Genesis partnerships. Additional pre-mines may occur for project partnerships and will be announced as they occur. Additional pre-mines will only occur for major partnerships.

We Now Have a Lite Paper!!!! If you've seen the project before, you probably clicked on the white paper, saw that it was 44 pages, and said "Ill read it later"..... i dont blame you! The Lite Paper is a much easier read and can be found by clicking here!

Or at the top of The CryptoGrow Home Page @

Speaking of , its been updated and streamlined! The Website has shed much of its bulk as new developments in the IdeaCoin wallet will allow it to act as both a wallet, and the main portal to interact with the DAICO(And later the DAC) on all platforms including mobile!

The IdeaCoin Wallet is being built with the Quasar Framework using Vue.js for its front end. Upon its completion the wallet will utilize IPFS and will be capable of holding multiple crypto-currencies. The IdeaCoin wallet will mine IdeaCoin for each outgoing transaction as per its UseCase.

Id like to end this post with the announcement that the White Paper is currently outdated!


Technology moves fast. With the Ethereum Dev team looking at a two year time frame for implementing sharding, it seemed that it would be a while for CryptoGrow DAC to be fully functional, hence the two year long ICO.

This is no longer the case! CryptoGrow DAC will now be implemented under the exact same principles it would have been using sharding and plasma chains, but with LoomX's

DAppchains. CryptoGrow DAC has been applied for the beta release of their SDK which is launching in june!

The Team over at Loomx has really been doing some amazing stuff for the blockchain community and we look forward to building on their platform! I myself have learned alot from their cryptozombies lessons over at and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to learn to program smart-contracts!

if you are part of any of the teams mentioned above(Open zepplin, quasar, loomx) or know someone who is, i would like to send some IdeaCoin Their way so please contact me @

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