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CryptoGrow DAC is now Depreciated!

CryptoGrow DAC is No More!

While IdeaCoin and the CryptoPatent Blockchain live on, CryptoGrow DAC is being rebranded!

Introducing DecentraCorp, the worlds first Decentralized Autonomous Corporation!

With this rebranding comes exciting news!
Over the last year I have been working very hard to make DecentraCorp and the CryptoPatent Blockchain a reality. Today i am proud to announce that there is now a live Alpha Version of the DecentraCorp dApp!
In this early version of the dApp, users are able to create IdeaBlock Applications, vote on IdeaBlock Proposals, view approved Ideas and much more!
In addition to this release, An Alpha Version of DecentraCorp's ChaosCasino has also been released along side three new WhitePapers!
The DecentraCorp WhitePaper can be found here!
The WhitePaper for the CryptoPatent Blockchain can be found here and the ChaosCasino's WhitePaper can be found here!
The Alpha dApp can be visited here!
Finally while CryptoGrow DAC is now DecentraCorp, the first facility(along with the blog on will remain CryptoGrow Genesis, or CG Genesis for short as homage to the projects origins.
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