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Cryptogrow DAC's bug bounty program!

CryptoGrow DAC, the worlds first Decentralized Autonomous Corporation is proud to announce its bug bounty program!

Over the next week( monday march 12th, 2018 - march 19th 2018) CryptoGrow DAC's dev team will be offering the following rewards for bugs found in our ERC20, ERC223, and ERC827 compatable IdeaCoin Contract!

A big bug bounty of 0.05 ether and 50,000 IdeaCoin is offered for any bug found that allows for an attack on the IdeaCoin contracts mint function or total supply in a way that allows the attacker to generate IdeaCoin for free.

This Attack must be through the IdeaCoin Contract itself, Attacks through its faucet do not count(though may be rewarded seperatly). The Faucet itself is a testrun of the CryptoGrow DAICO contract capable of distributing IdeaCoin.

A medium reward of 0.025 ether and 10,000 IdeaCoin is offered for any other security flaw in the contract, specifically the ability to access the burn function to attack the accounts of others, or a flaw in CryptoGrows First Dapp, the IdeaCoin Account explorer found on the CryptoGrow website.

Finally a small reward of 0.01 ether and 5000 IdeaCoin is offered for any non threatening bugs, suggestions to optimize the code, or more specifically issues found between the token standards ERC223 & ERC827 that could cause a loss of IdeaCoin.

The IdeaCoin Contract can be found on the Ropsten TestNet @ 0xbe4e097365AA59B9650cC6B6FC5E093AEA8F6fb2

Once this week long Bug Bounty on the IdeaCoin Contract has ended we will be launching our next Bug Bounty program for the CryptoGrow DAICO contract. The DAICO contract will controll the IdeaCoin Contract and its ability to mint for the duration of the ICO Phase.

In addition to the Bug bountry program, CryptoGrow DAC is looking to fill atleast on more position on the core development team. Applicants should have atleast an understanding of either solidity and web3 and or experience developing with maker-boards like ardrino and raspberry pi, however anyone who feels they could be of help to the project in any capacity is encouraged to apply! We are also looking to fill non developer positions like PR as well as individuals interested in making their own Physical CryptoGrow facility.

Those looking to participate can either contact the dev team directly @ with their Ropsten wallet address to recieve IdeaCoin OR send test ether to the IdeaCoin faucet

@ 0xbff60D249a5A1DfbB50b1A204Ed9856E6bb098ef

More information about CryptoGrow DAC, IdeaCoin and the CryptoPatent Blockchain can be found at

Code for the IdeaCoin Contract can be found @

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