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cryptogrow genesis

My name is Christopher Dixon and I am the founder of CryptoGrow DAC as well as the inventor of IdeaCoin and the CryptoPatent Blockchain.


The purpose of this blog is to track and report on the progress of CryptoGrow Genesis.


CryptoGrow Genesis is the pilot physical CryptoGrow project I am running in my home town. It is the continuation of the original project CryptoGrow that started as a home bitcoin mining project/laboratory in a shed in my yard. CryptoGrow Genesis is the first physical manifestation of CryptoGrow and will serve as my production facility for CryptoPatent based products as well as my laboratory for my future work.


The goal of CryptoGrow Genesis is to produce ideas for the CryptoPatent blockchain and manufacture hardware for them, as well as bringing CryptoGrow to my local community and helping to spur adoption of cryptocurrencies to local establishments.

Developments on the CryptoGrow 2.0 contract will also be posted in this section as well, atleast during the ICO phase, as it is one of my projects.

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