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The Coming Revolution:

A open letter case for CryptoAnarchy and the tools to build a better world.

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This paper is written as an open letter to libertarians, minarchists, anarcho-capitalists, anarcho-communists and anyone who wishes to live in a better world.

Anarchy is often misrepresented as the absence of rules.

From latin, Anarchy is translated as:

An: Without

Archos: Rulers

CryptoAnarchy and many of the ideas presented in this paper are not new. A brief introduction to CryptoAnarchy called “The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto” can be found at This paper is an extension of this concept of CryptoAnarchy into a framework designed to out innovate the current power structures in a revolution that only needs to prove them obsolete in order to succeed.

Before we begin, it will first be necessary to define a few terms.

First, “The Current Power Structure” aka:”The Powers That Be”. This term is not used here to describe a specific group, more so as a broad term that encompasses politicians and elected officials as well as corporate CEO’s and the people with enough money to not only be above the laws, but to write them.

The current power structure in my country, as it is in most countries, is a corrupt corporate government. This is a power structure where the heads of large corporations are so in bed with government that this government passes laws detrimental to its citizens for the benefit of these corporations. This is best exemplified in what’s known as the Prison Industrial Complex where citizens are caged and stripped of their freedoms for committing victim-less crimes like drug use and profited from in one form or another(even if it’s just the state(see tax payer) paying the prison or jail for holding them).

The second term I will be defining is voluntary taxation. Taxation in its current form is theft. There is no way around this conclusion as anyone who has been far enough down this logical rabbit hole will tell you. Ultimately the issue comes down to consent. This paper isn’t written to debate the issue of taxation. It’s here to provide a way to make the issue irrelevant, as you’ll see in later parts of this letter.

Taxation was originally devised as a way for society to efficiently organize public services( an excuse for this theft often used to defend it even today). Voluntary taxation would keep this goal while streamlining its process, removing the human element of corruption, and hinging its success on the consent of the individual.

Voluntary taxation is automated charity where the earner of the money decides where and how his money is spent, if he chooses to allow it to be spent at all.

Now that we have a general understanding of the problem; “The Current Power Structure” and one of its main tools; taxation, we can examine existing political ideologies that seek a better alternative.

We will start with Minarchy.

Minarchy is based on the philosophy of “as much government as necessary, and no more”, loosely speaking. In these broad terms, Minarchy covers the libertarian ideology, as well as parts of classical liberalism and conservatism(as it exists here in the U.S). The idea can be summed up in the saying “the government which governs best is the government that governs the least”.

The main problem with Minarchy is that it traditionally relies on a representative government(the republic) to average out a community consensus on an issue. This leaves it open to the problem of human corruption as it concentrates power into the hands of these representatives.

The second Ideology we will examine is communism.

There are many forms of communism, from socialism to anarcho-communism. All of these ideologies share the notion that the members of a society have a responsibility to that society in terms of benefiting society as a whole. This belief often leads to the view that capitalistic systems are bad or evil as they exemplify and even reward selfish behavior.

Subscribers to these ideologies view governments as tools to enact things like public safety nets in the form of welfare and other safety-net like programs. All communist ideologies suffer from the flaw of this reliance on government.

Governments provide positions of power, and power is a magnet to the corruptible.

The next ideology we will examine is capitalism.

An examination of capitalism has to be done with a clear understanding of what capitalism is, what it is not, and how it exists today.

Capitalism is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as:

“an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market”

The first thing that is important to note here is that unlike the other two ideologies we’ve examined, capitalism IS NOT a system of governance(at least not in the sense that it is governed by a man or a group of men). Capitalism is a system made up of individuals and groups of individuals acting in their own best interest within a free market in accordance with the laws of supply and demand… least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

As anyone who’s paying attention could tell you, we do not live under a purely capitalistic system. Again we see the same flaw in this ideology when we start to incorporate systems of government.

A free market cannot exist in a world where a group of individuals (government) is capable of acting on behalf of people who do not consent to its actions or rule.

When combined with the corruption that comes with the concentration of power provided by government, representatives are bought while the rights, liberties, and labor of the citizens are exploited and sold to those with deep enough pockets.

In its current form, capitalism exists in a state of crony-capitalism or what’s more appropriately described as corporatism; The bastard child of capitalism and the state.

Through these examinations, we find that all three of these ideologies suffer from the same flaw. At first glance it would appear to be government itself(one of, if not THE central conjecture of anarcho-capitalism).

As I’m about to show, this would be a rushed conclusion.

On further examination, it becomes apparent that the flaw in all these systems is the corruptibility of man. The real problem is that all existing forms of government rely on man, and as history has shown, you can’t trust a man(or woman) to govern themselves, let alone the best interest and well-being of thousands to millions of other people. Central planning DOESNT WORK!

The final ideology we will examine is CryptoAnarchy itself. CryptoAnarchy stems from the realization that through technology and cryptography a new possibility exists that is capable of utilizing the best parts of all three of these ideologies while simultaneously removing their most glaring flaw: The concentration of power into positions of human corruptibility, both in corporate structures and representative governance.

From the ashes of the current system a new, automated system of governance will rise. A system of governance not susceptible to the corruption flaws present in all the others.

A system of governance built atop the principles of individuality and self ownership.

I want to be very clear here. I'm not describing a world where humans are governed by Artificial Intelligence.

What im describing is a true system of capitalism with the capabilities ascribed to communism that is built atop blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology under the principles of Minarchy! Utilizing the newly emerging token economy and principles that guarantee the individual best represents himself, the purest form of voluntary consensus driven governance can emerge.

It is with this understanding that we can now develop a roadmap for a better world.

We currently live on the precipice of a potential turning point in human history.

Rapid advancements in technology have aloud mankind to connect almost the entire world through the internet in less than 40 years.

With the combination of technology and cryptography the first shots in the Crypto-Revolution were fired by Bitcoin into the heart of some of the most powerful tools of the current power structure; privately owned banks, fractional reserve banking, and Taxation(see theft).

No longer does mankind need to rely on a “trusted third party” to store and transfer its wealth. That’s now handled by the blockchain.

Soon after, Ethereum dealt new blows to the current power structure with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and the invention of smart contracts. No longer does mankind need to rely on lawyers and other third party “trusted dispute resolution” schemes to resolve financial and even many legal disputes.

These are all things that can also now be handled by the blockchain.

More recently, projects like Bitnation have invented concepts like “Decentralized Virtual Nations” that seek to start replacing functions traditionally performed by a representative government like issuance of ID and even resources to help the less fortunate. This is done using methods like voluntary taxation.

This is where the CryptoAnarchy call to arms comes in. These technological innovations have made it clear that blockchain and other Distributed Ledger technologies have the potential to replace functions of government and corporation, while continuing the goals of these functions and subsequently cornering the achievement of these goals on the consent of the governed.

These technologies ARE the tools to build a better world. A world where technology sets everyone on an equal footing in a meritocracy, and in a position to govern themselves.

As an American, i was taught that the founders of my country started a revolution, not over taxes, but over taxation without representation. With Blockchain Technologies it is now possible to construct a new system completely built around voluntary interactions between consenting individuals, right up to the extent of providing services that act as social safety-nets.

I would like to end this call to arms by showing that I myself have picked up my rifle and that I wish to share the weapons I am making with anyone who’s willing to fight.

For the last year I have been working on a project founded on the concepts mentioned in this letter, as well as the concepts of open-source: CryptoGrow DAC.

CryptoGrow DAC is the first Decentralized Autonomous Corporation in the history of the world where the CEO’s and shareholders are also the employees who build, maintain, and even sell the machinery(see means of production).

Holding true to the concepts presented here, CryptoGrow DAC utilizes the CryptoPatent Blockchain to replace a function of government; Patents.

Bringing everything full circle, the ideas patented to the CryptoPatent Blockchain are ideas designed to advance humanity and further automation, all while spreading the use of other cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies to the public.

It is my personal Goal for CryptoGrow DAC to become the first Industrial Arm in the CryptoAnarchich Revolution. A fully decentralized, consensus driven vessel for real, meaningful change.

More info about CryptoGrow DAC can be found at the linked website below(or above if you are reading this on the website).

To end this paper, I urge the reader to first, familiarize yourself with these technologies and the concepts behind CryptoAnarchy.

The first step in every revolution is to Know Your Enemy. The second step is to then acquire and spread knowledge to defeat him.

If you have the technical knowledge to do so, Please, find time to put your efforts towards this goal of automated, consent based governance and infrastructure! Continue the process of out innovating the current power structure and proving it to be obsolete!

If you don’t have the knowledge, start learning and spread the word! Think of ways you can help further the cause. You don’t have to be a programmer or cypherpunk to come up with ideas. If you don’t feel like your the inventive type, you can always help out by becoming a Replicator for CryptoGrow DAC and replicating ideas stored on the CryptoPatent Blockchain to start bettering your community and the lives of others.

More so now than at any other time in human history, mankind has a real chance at becoming truly free on an individual level while simultaneously furthering itself as a species.

We can’t continue to allow ideological differences to pit us against each other with the only beneficiary being “the powers that be”.

It’s time to start building a better world!

The following is a list of links to the projects mentioned above along with links to additional information.

The official wiki page for Bitcoin:

An amazingly comprehensive guide titled:

"What Is Ethereum? Here’s What You Need To Know" can be found at

CryptoGrow DAC:

Additional reading material on CryptoAnarchy:

Wiki page:

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