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I am proud to post the first major work done on the property for CryptoGrow Genesis! While this was just a small step towards one goal, this post marks the beginning of the First Development Phase for CryptoGrow Genesis!


The first steps for CryptoGrow Genesis where taken as Theo Robey, the kids and I cleared out the garden and got it prepared to start planting fruits and vegetables that will go towards the Community Outreach Program!


While we have used this garden to grow fruits and vegetables for years, it was completely neglected last year due to my full work schedule and my girlfriend being pregnant.

Due to this neglect, the weeds grew out of control last year. Before we could even begin preparing the soil, we first had to remove all of the weeds. I am very proud of the work we did so far and all of us are very motivated to continue getting CryptoGrow Genesis ready to meet the challenges ahead!


Here are before and after photos that show what work we did, as well as what work still needs to be done before we are ready to start planting!

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How it Looked:


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