• The CryptoGrow Genesis Mission Statement

    A Vision to Build A Better World!


    CryptoGrow Genesis is the pilot project for DecentraCorp and will serve as both a

    manufacturing facility for the production of CryptoPatent based products and as a research and

    development laboratory for future CryptoPatent based products.


    The Main Goal:

    The main goal for CryptoGrow Genesis is to help spread the adoption of Cryptocurrencies

    to local businesses in and around my home town while helping to build a better community through Technology.


    Secondary Goal:


    The secondary goal for CryptoGrow Genesis is to set an example for others interested in

    running their own DecentraCorp Facility.

    To achieve this goal, a blog will be kept for CryptoGrow Genesis documenting the progress of the company and the facility itself.


    This blog will begin in the initial

    funding phase and continue throughout the life of the project.


    On-Going Goals:


    The final goal for CryptoGrow Genesis is to further the value of DecentraCorp and the

    CryptoPatent Blockchain through continued generation of both Idea and Replication blocks, as

    well as use blocks.


    CryptoGrow Genesis will set an example for how to build a better world!

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