• A Decentralized Autonomous Corporation

    DecentraCorp is the worlds First Truly Decentralized Autonomous Corporation where the CEO's and shareholders are the same people who invent, build and maintain the machinery! Powered by IdeaCoin and the CryptoPatent Blockchain, DecentraCorp seeks a realistic alternative to the use of governmental force and violence to bring value to new ideas! Anyone can start their own physical DecentraCorp facility and utilize the ideas stored on the CryptoPatent Blockchain to better their lives and the lives of others!

  • The DecentraCorp dApp Alpha Version is now Live!

    This dApp is best viewed on a desktop as it has yet to be optimized for Mobile.

    A web3 enabled browser is required to use this dApp in its full capacity.

  • The CryptoPatent Blockchain

    The CryptoPatent Blockchain is a contract abstracted blockchain running both on and off the Ethereum Network utilizing its own custom Proof of Authority Blockchain!


    The CryptoPatent Blockchain allows Ideas to be patented to the blockchain! Any idea patented to the CryptoPatent Blockchain can be used to mine IdeaCoin when it is replicated and used!


    The CryptoPatent Blockchain utilizes one ERC20 compliant token smart-contracts (IdeaCoin) and three ERC721 non-fungibal token smart-contracts(Proof of Ownership and GUB tokens) to bring value to Ideas !

  • IdeaCoin

    A CryptoCurrency designed to fuel the Ideas of Tomorrow!


    an ERC-20 compliant Ethereum based Token


    IdeaCoin WILL NOT have a ICO (initial coin offering)


    IdeaCoin is the CryptoCurrency of DecentraCorp and the CryptoPatent Blockchain!
    IdeaCoin contracts will exist both on the Ethereum Mainchain and
    the CryptoPatent Proof of Authority Network.
    These two chains will be bridged together allowing tokens mined on
    the PoA network to be transferred and secured on the Ethereum network!
    IdeaCoin will initially be distributed to users who buy DecentraCorp Membership for
    six months after the projects launch!
    After this initial Membership Period ends, new IdeaCoin will ONLY be mined through the
    CryptoPatent Blockchain!
    A DecentraCorp Membership Package comes with a Pre-staked Replication account and
    10,000 IDC!


  • CG Genesis!

    The First Physical Manifestation Of DecentraCorp!

    CG Genesis:

    CryptoGrow genesis is my pilot project for a physical manufacturing facility, grow-op, and laboratory dedicated to DecentraCorp and the implementation of Ideas stored on the CryptoPatent Blockchain.


    CG Genesis will serve as an example for others looking to implement DecentraCorp facilities and CryptoPatent technology in their own homes and communities!

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